Other 2014 Global Accessibility Awareness Day Activities

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  • NC State is holding a Global Accessibility Awareness Day Website Challenge
  • The University of Georgia (UGA) Web Accessibility Group (WAG) will hold an internal event for staff called Designing Websites for All Users. This free event includes presentations on the following topics: Importance of Accessibility for Electronic and Information Technology; Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 -- What's it all about?; Best Practices for Content Management Systems (CMS) - Making a Webmaster's Job Less Stressful; 10 Tips for Creating Accessible Websites; and more!
  • For the three weeks leading up to May 15, Cognizant is celebrating GAAD across its India locations covering - Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Presentations and activities will include: demystifying accessibility, showcase of independent living aid, workshop on digital accessibility, poster competition, my story session by PwDs, and exhibit of products made by PWDs by various NGOs.
  • Sponsored by the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the government of Washington State will mark the 3rd Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
  • The University of California Davis' UC Davis' Electronic Accessibility Committee is hosting a series of presentations and breakout sessions focused on accessible instruction to mark GAAD.
  • In the lead-up to GAAD, Facebook Accessibility is hosting a tech camp on May 14 for local accessibility professionals which will feature a series of short talks followed by lunch.
  • To mark GAAD, this year the PayPal Accessibility Team in San Jose will host an internal Accessibility Picnic with fun Squash Bugs and Play activities on May 15, where developers are asked to bring their Accessibility bugs and join the Accessibility team members to fix them! If participants Don't have any bugs, they are still invited to stop by and hang out with the Accessibility Team members to learn, install and configure tools to help them see and use PayPal differently!
  • CGI Federal's Human Factors Practice (HFP) will be holding an internal training event in support of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The event will offer CGI employees the chance to attend lectures as well as hands-on activities and Q&A sessions throughout the day.
  • From Jay Wyant, Chief Information Accessibility Officer for the State of Minnesota: "We will be hosting tables in cafeterias and lobbies of various state agency buildings, with banners, posters, handouts, cookies, etc., to draw state employees' attention and engage them in conversations about accessibility and how they can help."
  • The Department of Finance has shared information about GAAD to most Australian Government departments to encourage internal awareness.
  • On May 15, NAPD-Nepal is going to celebrate this day by organizing an interaction program with web builders or designers on how it could be made more disabled-friendly.
  • To mark GAAD, Luis Garcia launched the Austin Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup Group A11yATX
  • The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is proud to announce the availability of a new resource for the ARL membership and the library community--a Web Accessibility Toolkit for research libraries.
  • Able Magazine launched a new, more accessible website on the occasion of GAAD

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